Friday, March 9, 2012

Pindi Pinterest Challenge!

Pinterest is addictive. It is so addictive that many of us Pinheads have put aside our own projects while we pin and repin other peoples' creative works. This is wrong. Fortunately, I've found support groups out there for folks like us.
Logo of The Pinterest Challenge
In fact, there are quite a few Pinterest Challenges circling the blogosphere--asking Pinners to get off their heinies, unplug, and actually make something from one of their boards. (Hmm, I bet I've pinned one of the challenger's DIY projects on my Spud Projects board. I guess that doesn't count though...) 
An estate sale find--
a Dover Locker originally used to house elevator wires &
with a little elbow grease, I'll have new bathroom storage
So as a means to get (myself) motivated (but not quite require power tools) and in lieu of debating whether or not we are supposed to pin our own content, I challenge all Pindie readers to PIN YOUR BEAUTIES! 
Pin what makes your day-to-day more beautiful, inspiring, and creative, including, but not limited to:
  • ANY THING you treasure (got an estate sale or artisan market this weekend?)
  • ANY PROJECT that engages your creativity (yes, you can be an over-achiever and pin your 1-day DIY kitchen remodel, if you must...)
  • ANY ONE that makes you smile, laugh, or cry with joy (think animals, kids, strangers...)
  • ANY PLACE that feels like home or calls for you to stay, just a bit longer (e.g., a garden, chicken coop, park, etc.)
Take your picture (or pictures), pin them on Pinterest, and share your pin link/s back here at Pindie before by Monday the 12th so we can repin, share the love, and get motivating together! (And we can get the power tools out for the DIY on the next challenge :).)

Disclaimer: Pinterest is not associated with this Pindie Challenge. 

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